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Education is a primary mission of the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University. The SRI provides a variety of educational opportunities for Cornell students and faculty that support the educational mission of the university.

Survey Laboratory for Class Instruction

The SRI facility is a live laboratory for class instruction on survey research methodology and interviewing techniques. Each fall, nearly 100 students from the undergraduate research methods class within the department of communication (Communication 282) participate in a six-week practicum within the survey facility. The SRI staff provides in-class instruction, and training within the survey facility, on the theory and practice of survey research and telephone interviewing. Each student then conducts ten real survey interviews on an annual national telephone social survey. Other classes such as MPS Applied Statistics also use the SRI facility as a laboratory for class instruction.

Work Experience

The SRI employs nearly 100 students during the course of the academic year and students compose 90% of the SRI staff. The SRI provides a full educational experience to all student employees through training and instruction on survey research methodology, survey interviewing techniques, data collection, and data analysis. Student employees have the opportunity to work on real survey projects as interviewers or data collection specialists. Every year students who have at least one year of interviewing experience are selected for advanced training and responsibility. These students become mentors to less experienced interviewers and have opportunities to assist SRI staff in data analysis and report writing.

Practice credit is offered to students of the School of Hotel Administration. These students are required to have approximately 800 hours of practice credit for graduation. The hours worked for SRI are eligible for these credits.

Workshops & Presentations

The SRI plays an active educational role on the Cornell University campus by helping sponsor several workshops and presentations by researchers and academics from other educational institutions each academic year. These workshops or presentations usually relate to some aspect of statistical techniques for survey data or survey research methodology.

Guest Lectures

The SRI research staff regularly conduct guest lectures and presentations on survey research methodology and design, interviewing techniques, survey field operations, and data analysis for several major undergraduate and graduate research methods classes taught on the Cornell campus. Examples are Comm 282, PAM 604 Qualitative Survey/Mixed Methods, R213 Social Indicators, RS619 Advanced Methods, MPS Applied Statistics.