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Martin Wells

Faculty Director

Martin Wells joined the Cornell faculty in 1987 and is the Charles A. Alexander Professor of Statistical Sciences, Professor and Chair of both the Department of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology and the Department of Statistical Sciences at Cornell University. He is also a Professor of Social Statistics, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research at Weill Medical School, an Elected Member of the Cornell Law School Faculty, as well as the Director of Research in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Marty teaches statistical methodology to undergraduate and graduate students in fields such as agriculture, biology, epidemiology, finance, law, medicine, nutrition, social science, and veterinary medicine as well as graduate courses in statistics. He has served on high-level national statistical committees, and has published many articles in leading statistical journals. His empirical legal studies have appeared in leading legal publications, and cover civil rights, finance, punitive damages, judge and jury trials, and the death penalty. He is also the Editor in Chief of ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability, Co-Editor of The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, and served as the Editor of The Journal of the American Statistical Association-Reviews. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Royal Statistical Society.

Yasir Parvez

Technical Project Manager / Lead Programmer (607) 255 - 0375

Yasir joined the Survey Research Institute in the spring of 2010 as a programmer/analyst, but quickly moved to a more influential role of lead programmer and eventually became the Technical Project Manager. He manages the technical implementation and lifecycle of data collection projects and technology needs of SRI.

Yasir brings impressive interactive skills to the table in everything from web, paper/scannable and phone survey development to database administration which enabled SRI to offer complex and sophisticated survey services. Yasir holds a Master of Computer Science degree and has more than 10 years of web application development experience. His areas of special interest are software architecture, database design, full stack web development, search engine optimization and digital marketing.

But technology isn't Yasir's only gig. He enjoys traveling, reading and sports (mainly cricket and badminton).

Stephanie R. Slate

Administrative Manager (607) 255 - 2985

Stephanie has been with SRI since September 2010 and has filled multiple roles including Phone Interviewer, Supervisor, and most recently, Operations Manager. As a primary overseer of multi-modal data collection efforts, including phone, web, mail, and transcription projects, Stephanie is responsible for maintaining exceptional research quality across all fields. She is involved with all aspects of project management at SRI, and is entrusted with upholding best research practices, hiring and training core supervisory staff, and seeing each project through from its inception until the final dataset delivery. During her undergraduate education, Stephanie worked for a non-profit foundation studying the effects of medication on both cancer and AIDS. This experience sparked an interest in examining the world around her through a new lens, and she's proud to now be part of a talented and supportive group of researchers who share in her love of learning. Stephanie has a B.S. in English with a concentration in Global Culture from Binghamton University. She intends to pursue a Master's in Business Administration in the near future, but for now she's happy to spend free time with her family and her new puppy, Walter.

Suzy Trautman

Operations Manager (607) 255 3786

Suzy Trautman joined the SRI team as a research assistant in the fall of 2010 and has spent the subsequent years nurturing her love for all things data. A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she swapped her idyllic hometown for the beautiful Finger Lakes region while completing her undergraduate education at Wells College in Aurora, New York. After earning a bachelor's degree in Public Affairs with a special concentration in ethics, politics, and social policy, Suzy decided to continue her ongoing pursuit of knowledge by joining an institution recognized for its impressive research efforts--Cornell University. She appreciates the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of surveying and all of the unique challenges SRI presents. In her spare time, she's been known to read voraciously and explore eclectic music genres.

Paul Smith

Application Systems Assistant (607) 255 - 0375

Paul attended Ithaca College, and he also studied communications at Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He spent a year as a junior programmer, working with databases and assisting the marketing department at a small computer consulting company in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He returned to Ithaca and worked for many years in non-commercial television before joining SRI as a research assistant in 2004. He switched from the SRI call center to the web survey development team in 2016. He appreciates the challenges of SRI’s friendly and often fast-paced environment, where no two work days are the same. In his spare time, he continues to do volunteer work in local media, producing public-access television programs and recording local musicians. He enjoys photography, playing the guitar (badly) and reading science fiction (avidly).

Macy Elizabeth O'Hearn

Supervisor (607) 255 - 3786

Macy joined SRI as an interviewer in Spring of 2014, and was quickly hooked by a lineup of fascinating, impactful research topics. A native of small town Lebanon, Connecticut, she relocated to Ithaca in 2010 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Anthropology at Ithaca College, and quickly fell in love with the tight-knit, quirky community. At SRI, Macy enjoys working with interviewers to help them hone their surveying technique, and appreciates the thrill of behind-the-scenes, detail-oriented tasks such as cleaning data sets, proofreading reports, and testing survey instruments prior to launch. In her spare time, Macy is an avid tea drinker, enjoys trapeze classes at Ithaca's circus school, and takes Archaeology courses through Cornell's Extramural Study program.


SRI employs a team of 40-60 part-time interviewers as the backbone of our organization, many of them Cornell students. SRI Interviewers are well-trained and motivated to conduct efficient and accurate phone interviews. Each interviewer has completed extensive training in accurate and confidential data collection and in our CATI system. They are knowledgeable of all of our current surveys and can answer any concerns you may have about a study.