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About Us


The Survey Research Institute team has identified a number of core values that guide our behaviors. We at the SRI value:


We are committed to educating the entire Cornell community on survey research methodology, interviewing, and data collection. Teaching and mentorship permeates our organization at every level of operation. We strive to develop practical and innovative learning opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty at Cornell University.

Being client-oriented

We provide exceptional services to our clients by always keeping their best interest in mind. We are committed to providing the best possible products and services for the best price. Our passion is providing customers with products and services of uncompromising quality.

Maintaining a work/personal life balance

We are flexible, but balanced. We understand that employees have lives outside of work and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities that improve their personal and/or work lives.


We constantly seek innovative ways to make the SRI a better place to work and to improve the services we provide to customers. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that encourages forward thinking. We look to advance the SRI's strengths and develop in areas needing improvement. We are committed to providing opportunities for skills and talents to be used and developed effectively in ways that benefit the organization while adding value to each employee's experience at the SRI.


It is through teamwork that we are able to offer the highest quality products and services. We recognize that each person has different strengths and abilities to offer the team. Together we will work cooperatively for the common good of the SRI, capitalizing on our individual strengths. We achieve excellence by putting collective goals ahead of personal interests.


We encourage open communication and respectful interactions in the spirit of cooperation. Constant communication regarding projects and assigned work among coworkers, supervisors, and other staff is extremely important to our business.


We each take ownership of assigned work and responsibilities for the SRI deadlines. We accept full responsibility, both as individuals and as members of the SRI, for our performance, and we acknowledge our accountability for the ultimate outcome of all that we do.