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About Us

Vision & Mission

The Survey Research Institute (SRI) is a full-service survey research facility at Cornell University. SRI began its operations in August, 1996 as a result of a need for state-of-the-art survey services for Cornell researchers. The primary mission of SRI is to conduct surveys and provide survey research services to Cornell University faculty, students, and administration, federal, state, and local government agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and other organizations in need of survey research work. SRI is committed to offering state-of-the-art technology to its clientele, striving for the highest possible quality in performance while maintaining the highest possible ethical standards of conduct.


To work as a team to become a world-class survey research facility, leading in quality and service while maintaining the highest possible ethical and scientific standards.


  • We will educate students on the practice of survey research, data collection, interviewing techniques, and data analysis.
  • We will be a low-cost, self-sufficient, fee-for-service survey research facility.
  • We will maintain the highest quality ethical and scientific standards.
  • We will use technology effectively, efficiently, and accurately to collect data.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to the accurate collection and reporting of data.
  • We will strive to create a collaborative environment in which all members contribute to SRI services and products.
  • We will provide professional growth opportunities for student employees.