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Cornell University

Survey Research Institute

at Cornell University

Parking and Circulation Optimization Study

Transportation and Delivery Services performed a campus-wide evaluation for the current performance of the parking and circulation programs on campus. The study provided actionable recommendations for future considerations as the campus landscape evolves. Deliverables for the parking and circulation study included:

  • Analysis of parking system to understand user behavior characteristics (permit holders, visitors, event attendees)
  • Survey to measure intra- and inter-campus travel behavior
  • Recommendations for a simplified permitting system
  • Recommendations for programs to monitor and record system usage
  • Recommendations to maximize the utilization of existing parking
  • Management and infrastructure strategies to inform capital planning and campus growth
  • Tradeoff analysis for cost of new parking infrastructure vs expanding TDM programs
  • Parking pricing model
  • Recommendations for optimization of intra-campus travel using a campus circulator