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Data Collection

SRI offers a variety of methods for data collection utilizing our automated system, which is developed by the Computer-Assisted Survey Methods Program of the University of California at Berkeley, and commissioned by the U.S. Census Bureau. This system called CASES (Computer-Assisted Survey Execution System) is the most sophisticated in CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview) technology used by academic research centers who adhere to the highest scientific and academic standards. Using this CATI system, data can be collected through:

  • CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews)
  • CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews)
  • SAQ (Self-Administered Questionnaires)
  • Web Surveys (Web-Administered Questionnaires)

The advantages of our survey facilities CATI system are:

High Quality

The automated system allows for immediate rejection of illegal values; discrepancies in responses can be automatically identified and corrected; and standardized sampling and call-back procedures can ensure uniformity of practice. In addition, full-screen monitoring of interviewers in real time helps to verify consistency in administration of the survey and the data entry of responses.

Reduced time and cost

The automated system eliminates or combines several steps in the survey research process, substantially reducing time and labor. Tabulations and data files are available sooner, and interim and final reports are easier to obtain.

Greater complexity and flexibility

In contrast to the paper and pen approach, computer-controlled data collection makes it possible to use sophisticated designs, including complex logical structures and questions that are finely tailored to the circumstances associated with specific cases.