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Web Surveys and Qualtrics

Want to do a web-administered survey?   SRI is here to help to make sure you make the most of your research effort.

We have highly skilled web programmers who have the ability to create simple straight-forward surveys to very complex instruments. SRI's web instruments are developed in-house, but SRI also has expertise with Qualtrics.

SRI can help you with:

  1. Sample Security.  SRI can manage your sample and have it reside on Cornell’s SRI secure servers, rather than reside on Qualtrics’ servers.  Many studies require that the sample data not be stored at the same location as the survey data.  SRI can make this happen for you.
  2. Implementing the Best Survey Methodology.  Adhering to the best survey research protocol cannot be delivered solely by using technology.

    SRI can assist you at ALL steps of the survey research process from survey planning, design, questionnaire development and testing to delivery of data, documentation and analysis.
    SRI has over 15 years of outstanding survey research experience which can be used to guide and inform your survey research agenda.
    SRI can show you how best to design your study, collect your data, track your respondents, report the results.

  3. Incentives.  SRI is able to handle all the aspects of offering incentives (any type, cash, e-certificate, etc.)
  4. Multi-Mode Studies.   SRI can incorporate multiple modes of data collection (web, phone, mail, fax, face-to-face), ensuring response rates are maximized and response bias and error is minimized.   Conducting multi-mode studies it not a feature offered by Qualtrics.
  5. Web Panels – Pros and Cons.  If you are looking to target a certain population,  SRI can work with you if you to ensure the most accurate use of Qualtrics’ web panel.  Qualtrics web panels are opt-in – not probability based.
  6. SRI Expertise Can Save You Time.  SRI’s IRB certified professional staff are highly skilled web programmers who can save you time.  
  7. Longitudinal Studies.   SRI has techniques to conduct these types of studies accurately, efficiently, while minimizing panel drop-out rates.

Qualtrics is free to Cornell faculty, staff, and students