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Cornell National Social Survey

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In an effort to enhance social science research at Cornell University, SRI offers a free annual opportunity for academics to collect public opinion data from 1,000 adults across the continental United States. We administer the telephone survey each fall using a dual frame random digit dial (RDD) and cell phone sampling method. Most of the questionnaire content changes annually, however we ask a small core of demographic questions every year. The SRI team reviews all submitted proposals and selects which questions to include based on criteria designed to maintain research integrity and survey best practices. We expect interviews to last no more than 20 minutes, leaving approximately 60 total questions available for Cornell researchers.

Survey Objectives:

  • Augment current and future Cornell University research efforts.
  • Collect data for inclusion in grant proposals, thus increasing the likelihood of securing external funding.
  • Test survey questions on a national sample.
  • Allow researchers to measure trends over time.

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2020 CNSS Tentative Timeline

1. Notice of omnibus opportunity sent out: July 17, 2020
2. Deadline for proposal submission: August 7, 2020
3. Review of proposals: August 7 - August 14
4. Notify successful applicants: August 14
5. Submission of final questions: August 21
6. Pilot test: August 31 - September 6
7. Delivery of pilot results: September 11
8. Deadline for submission of revised questions: September 18
9. Data collection (full study): October 1 - December 1
10. Delivery of data/codebooks: December 18