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Empire State Poll

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The Empire State Poll (ESP), first launched in 2003, is the first statewide survey of its kind within New York State. Modeled on successful state polls such as the Ohio Buckeye Poll, the Minnesota State Survey, and the Wisconsin Badger Poll, the ESP is specifically designed to provide actionable and quantified data on New York State. The core instrument includes workplace, community, governmental, economic, and special topical issue questions in addition to rotating omnibus modules submitted by researchers. We conduct 800 interviews each spring using a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software system.

The ESP survey sample consists of randomly selected households from all listed New York State telephone exchanges. The sampling frame is proportionally split between Upstate and Downstate residents, allowing comparisons between the overall state and these geographic regions. Our participant selection procedures ensure that every household within New York State has an equal chance to be included in the survey, and that once the household is sampled, every adult has an equal chance to be included in the poll.

The ESP has four primary objectives:

  1. Provide a long-term benchmark of New York State residents' characteristics, attitudes, experiences, and behaviors through the use of an annual core instrument.
  2. Create an efficient and affordable opportunity for organizations and researchers to survey residents on specific topics within the poll.
  3. Survey residents annually on newsworthy issues to assess New York State public opinion, and then compare those opinions with the rest of the country using equivalent national public opinion polling data.
  4. Better understand regional and intra-state differences by surveying 400 Upstate and 400 Downstate New York State residents.

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2021 Empire State Poll Timeline:

  Action Responsible Party Deadline
1. Submission deadline Researcher November 9th, 2020
2. Review and select questions SRI November 17th, 2020
3. Question changes due Researcher December 2nd, 2020
4. Complete required IRB training Researcher December 18th, 2020
5. Conduct pilot testing SRI January 6th-13th 2021
6. Send suggestions based on pilot testing SRI January 18th, 2021
7. Final question submission Researcher January 22th, 2021
8. Data collection (full study) SRI February 1st - April 16st, 2021
9. Data delivery SRI April 27th, 2021

For more information contact:

Survey Research Institute
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607.255.0148 (phone)

Questionnaires & Reports

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