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Cornell University

Survey Research Institute

at Cornell University

Web Surveys

Online surveys are an increasingly popular method for gathering data quickly and efficiently. SRI has highly skilled web programmers with the ability to create anything from basic instruments to complicated, multi-year surveys.

Here are a few key advantages to using our web survey tools:


Online surveys are the perfect choice for someone in a hurry. We can program your questionnaire, obtain panel sample, schedule non-respondent reminder emails, grant you access to a real-time online progress tracker, and deploy an optimized survey within a short timeframe.


Web-based surveys do not incur any interviewer or mailing supply expenses, making them our most budget-friendly option. Unlike generic online survey generators, we develop responsive, visually appealing, effective surveys in line with industry best practices. Should you opt to use a do-it-yourself survey system, such as Qualtrics or mTurk, we can provide low-cost questionnaire review and testing to help reduce measurement error.


Our programmers use in-house developed software to offer clients the most flexible, custom instruments available. With features like complex skip logic, multimedia integration, and interactive measurement tools (slider bars, drag-and-drop ranking, and live calculations), we can create a state-of-the-art survey to keep your respondents fully engaged.

Longitudinal Studies

We have extensive experience offering custom solutions for longitudinal studies. This includes experience designing adaptive applications to make panel and cohort research more intuitive

Bulk Emails

Have a survey you want to send to 50,000 people or more? At SRI we can easily scale up to any number of respondents you need.

Let our experts draw upon years of experience to determine which method will work best for you.