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Cornell University

Survey Research Institute

at Cornell University

About Us

SRI has been providing survey research, data collection, and analysis services since 1996 to a wide-range of academic, non-profit, governmental, and corporate clientele. With a state-of-the-art facility located at Cornell University, SRI possesses extensive capabilities for telephone, mail and web survey data collection. The range of subject areas SRI has had first-hand experience and expertise with varies from social issues, dealing with topics sensitive in nature, to issues relevant to policy makers regarding health care, the environment, social needs, and security. SRI has extensive experience in conducting surveys of people of varying cultural backgrounds and has a keen understanding of these subtle cultural differences and their impact on surveying methods. SRI has conducted over 1600 projects to date.

SRI has conducted numerous major national and state studies on such subjects as the long-term effects of the New York City school-based intervention study on risky behavior among young adults, assessment of the prevalence of elder abuse in New York State, the effects of retirement on drinking behavior, health and safety issues of New York City firefighters, business climate assessment for the Division of the Budget of New York State, major trends in the telecommunication industry, rising tuition at universities, how people cope with aging and careers, and topical issues such as support for civil liberties and the war in Iraq.