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Cornell University

Survey Research Institute

at Cornell University


"I have worked with SRI on numerous projects over the years, including administering surveys for research projects and designing custom assessments for executive education clients. What I most value about SRI is their ability to customize each project to my specific needs as well as their responsiveness to any issues or changes that arise during the project. Whenever I work with SRI I feel they are a true partner that cares as much as I do about the project."

Bradford Bell
Associate Professor and Director, CAHRS
Human Resource Studies
Cornell University

"Our office relies on SRI to host our campus surveys. This saves us a tremendous amount of time. SRI's staff are unfailingly flexible when it comes to meeting our changing specifications for survey administration. Plus, SRI is able to meet our high standards for data security. We are very appreciative of the service SRI provides."

Marne Einarson, PhD
Senior Research and Planning Associate
Office of Institutional Research and Planning
Cornell University

"SRI has consistently provided highly responsive and skillful support for our survey efforts, including assistance with development of the initial questionnaires, programming and testing the online instruments, administration of the data collection process, and provision of result sets and code books. We find tremendous value in the services they provide, and have been very happy with the quality and timeliness of their work, and the professionalism of their staff."

Barbara Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School
Cornell University


Anne Laughlin
Director of Assessment
Graduate School
Cornell University

"I've had a variety of wonderful experiences working with SRI on many projects over the years. They provide great service, produce high quality survey data, and have helped me to troubleshoot some difficult programming and recruitment challenges dealing with innovative survey methods and hard-to-reach populations. Highly recommended."

Jeff Niederdeppe
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Cornell University